one small voice in the universe

Before my bed the moonlight falls; / It looks to me like frost on loam. / I raise my head - the moon shines bright; / Then I look down and think of home. (That's my translation of Tang Dynasty poet Li Bo's classic Night Thoughts.) Hello! In what I hope will be a fun project, I have decided to spend fourteen U.S. dollars to see if I will do something with a web domain. In my opinion, the universe is too beautiful and interesting to ignore - I have to explore it, enjoy it, and share it. So here I am! The image above is an article that was published just after I first joined the faculty of the CUNY College of Staten Island - since then, a department of physics and astronomy was created, and that's where I am affiliated today. Please feel free to visit the project by clicking the button below, which will take you to a blog at where you can see what (if anything) comes of this hopefully enjoyable endeavor. Thank you so much - I hope you have fun with this too. Let's start by seeing how many words this webpage template will allow me to write in this paragraph; it's only costing me four dollars and ninety nine cents to get this page hosted for a full year, so I think I'm really going to have fun with this, at least thru 6 Mar 2022. This might be a good spot to paraphrase and extend my World Science Festival biographical blurb. "Charles Liu is a professor of astrophysics at the City University of New York’s College of Staten Island and an associate with the Hayden Planetarium and Department of Astrophysics at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. His research focuses on colliding galaxies, quasars, and the star formation history of the Universe. He earned degrees from Harvard and the University of Arizona, and held postdoctoral positions at Kitt Peak National Observatory and at Columbia. Together with co-authors Robert Irion and Neil Tyson, he received the 2001 American Institute of Physics Science Writing Award for his book One Universe: At Home In The Cosmos. More recently, he is the author of The Handy Astronomy Answer Book (Visible Ink Press) and, with co-authors Karen Masters and Sevil Salur, 30-Second Universe (Ivy Press). He and his wife, a math professor and educator who is way smarter than he is, have three children, who are also way smarter than he is."


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